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Welcome to the Firefall Wiki

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Firefall is developed by Red 5 Studios .

Firefall is a free-to-play persistent world shooter, supported by micro-transactions.

If you would like to contribute to the wiki, please take a look at this guide: Help:Wiki Editing. We are currently in need of wiki editors to update the entire wiki with the Razor's Edge patch information.

The Devil's Due 1.7 patch is now LIVE!


Important: This wiki is not yet updated with the latest patch info. Please see the info box in the top right corner of this page for links to the new patch information!

Gameplay Basics
Player vs. Environment
New Eden - Coral Forest - Sertao - Devil’s Tusk - The Amazon
Copacabana - Trans-Hub Command -Thump Dump - Sunken Harbor - Dredge
Moisture Farm - Biosphere Research Facility - Broken Shores - Sigu's Sanctuary - Shanty Town - Northern Shores
Cliff's Edge - Operation Miru
Instanced Missions
Crash Down - One Man's Salvage - Dirty Deeds - We Need to Talk - Proving Ground - Power Grab - Risky Business - Blackwater Anomaly
Warfront - Baneclaw - Kanaloa
Battleframe Garage - Battleframe Station - Job Board - Melding Fragment Arcfolder - Melding Repulsor - Molecular Printer - New You Station - SIN Detectors
Creatures (Add/Edit creature)
Aranhas - Brontodons - Canidae - Culexes - Hissers - Kestrels - Nautili - Sandsharks - Scarabs - Skivers - Threshers - Varants - Wyrms
The Accord - The Chosen - Raiders - Omnidyne
Items and Equipment
Player vs. Player
News and events
Repair Gun Icon.png
User Interface